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Newgomemphis starts in Memphis, Tennessee since the final quarter of 2017 when the CEO has been acquiring this domain from the former owner. This site is an online magazine with regard to interior and home architecture that has become one of the most popular today. With 2447 archival images and 214 articles (growing every day), Newgomemphis has an active community on the internet.

Newgomemphis also have hundreds of blogs and related sites so that it can be a reference for you to get an overall idea of the interior of the house, furniture design, and even architecture. You can also find us in various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Weheartit.

Kloss | CEO

Kloss started Newgomemphis in the first quarter of 2017, as CEO. With time, things have changed and Kloss turned out to be increasingly fixated on favor insides and contemporary plans. Thus why all his consideration today goes to running the magazine — choosing what gets distributed, guaranteeing that our fans on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest are getting their day by day measurement of motivation, and every once in a while composing.

Energetic to venture to the far corners of the planet, Kloss has seen many places and drew motivation from every last one of them. When he has extra time, he cherishes to play tennis or ski, hang out with his companions or cook some of his exceptional dishes.

Kloss has made it his missions, to push Newgomemphis directly through the best. He additionally pledged to never talk in third individual again — despite the fact that he understands how much fun.

Fitz | Photo Editor

Fitz decided not to talk adjoin himself in second individual, aside from this brisk presentation.

My way of life is about photographs. That is the means by which you stimulate creative energy and wind up noticeably innovative; that is precisely what is expected to catch a decent minute and transform it into a static minute that enables you to return to from time to time. I like new difficulties, have a dynamic way of life and am molded as a human by the surroundings that I'm in. I likewise like "distinctive" and can state that I truly adore what I do.

My occupation at Newgomemphis is going to occasions, meeting awesome architects and snapping pictures that will move individuals to make their homes more excellent or useful.

McKee | Lifestyle Editor

McKee is a blogger who loves to carry on with her life minus all potential limitations. She appreciates everything related with outline, stylistic layout and in vogue present day patterns. Born in Texas, McKee has experienced childhood with open farms and in a wild setting, which has characterized her preference for outline and built up her enthusiasm for looking at how structures and homes associate with the excellent normal world around them.

With an unabated love for travel and on occasion over the top energy for both form and shopping, she appears to invest as much time in the street as she does inside, while proceeding to observe different contemporary adorning patterns.

At the point when not singing her mind with blogging and composing, she cherishes to delve into an exciting page turner or set aside opportunity to get up to speed with her companions and paint the city red.

Walker | Editor

Walker is an freelance writer and Wordpress design with affection all the decorating. He spent his youth composing stories and working on DIY projects-themed interior design. Terry's published writing reflected he special interest in how interior design configuration has changed in recent decades.

Walker appreciate styling, tablescapes, and photographing DIY projects for Newgomemphis, and highlighting the latest trends.

To get involved with the magazine, sending us suggestions or comments, contact us – we’d love to hear from you. We’ll try to get you a response as soon as possible.



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